Айкидо Тендокан доджо (  е специализирана школа за изучаване на бойното изкуство Айкидо, както е селектирано и предадено от учителя шихан Фумио Тойода, личен ученик на шихан Койчи Тохей



Tendokan dojo originated under the leadership of Edward Tenzen Germanov Sensei (6 th Dan Aikidai and Zen priest) in 1990 as Central Aikido club. In 1994 Fumio Toyoda Shihan gives the name TENDOKAN DOJO. This name “Ten Do Kan” is a
reflection of the sincerity of the training offered here and our commitment to integrate Budo (martialway) and Zen (meditation). This focus on integrating a unique blend of martial arts training with meditation is complemented by our programs in fine arts. We use this training model, traditionally called “Ken – Zen – Sho” for martial art – meditation – fine arts, our rich dojo culture and world-class instruction to set our students on a path to realizing their most authentic self. Therefore, together with the aikido classes we have also Zen and Ikebana. 
Tendokan dojo has been hosting all BAA (Bulgarian Aikido Association) seminars since 1991 and many various seminars led by worldwide aikido instructors:
Toyoda Shihan (1947-2001), Yasuo Kobayashi Shihan, Michelle Quaranta Shihan,

Makoto Ito Shihan, Hiroshi Tajiri Shihan, and many others. Tendokandojo is with deep and strong roots which let us dream big and fly high to the future as the true meaning is in the constant development.
We have classes available every day. We accept kids and adults. We welcome new members at any time during the year. Thanks to long-term experience, our newcomers learn very quickly. We are connected to a wide range of friends and colleagues from all over the country and the world and you have the chance to reach us from the lowest to the highest level. 
Tendokan dojo hosts various corporate seminars how to use Aikido principles in the business.


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Ed Tenzen Germanov

6th Dan

Ed Tenzen Germanov Sensei is the Dojo Cho of Tendokan Dojo. He is the founder of Tendokan Dojo and BAA (Bulgarian Aikido Association). He has practiced Martial Arts since 1980 and Aikido from 1987. In 1990, Germanov Sensei began training under Fumio Toyoda Shihan and followed him around the world for the remainder of Toyoda Shihan’s life. Toyoda Shihan is direct student of O-Sensei Morihei Ueshiba. Germanov Sensei founded the Bulgarian Aikido Association in 1990 and continues to be the president and head instructor of this organization. The Bulgarian Aikido Association is an official member organization of Aikikai Hombu Dojo in Japan. 

Georgi Penev

5th Dan

In the conditions of extremely restrictive Communist regime, he started practicing martial arts in 1980.
He taught himself from the books he managed to find for Karate and Aikido in spite of the lack of 
information and opportunities to access the history of world masters. He explored in great depth and embraced as his own the philosophy of these arts and it became the foundation of all his further development.

Tsvetomir Doskov

4th Dan

He began his Aikido training at Tendokan Dojo under Germanov Sensei in 1998. He completed uchi-
deshi program in Tenshinkan Dojo, Chicago, USA under Shihan Fumio Toyoda. He is also practicing Zen,
Ikebana, and Hojo.

Alexander Simeonov

3rd Dan

He began his aikido training at Tendokan Dojo under Germanov Sensei in 1998. He is currently leading
the adult aikido trainings (from 7 th kyuto 4 th kyu) and the beginners’ program (with duration 8 weeks).

Milko Karageorgiev

4th Dan

He began his Aikido training in 1999 and training under Germanov Sensei in Tendokan Dojo since 2009. He is also practicing Zen and Ikebana. He is currently leading the adult aikido trainings (from 7 th kyu to 4 th kyu), the beginners’ program (with duration 8 weeks), and also our weapons trainings.

Asen Antonov

1st Kyu

He began his Aikido training in 2010 and training under Germanov Sensei at Tendokan Dojo since 2014. He is also practicing Zen and Ikebana. He is leading our Family aikido trainings
(for children from 6-11 years old).

Yanitsa Kraleva

4th Kyu

She began her Aikido training at Tendokan Dojo under Germanov Sensei in 2010. She is also practicing Zen and Ikebana. She is leading our Aikids trainings (for children from 3-6 yearsold) since September 2017.

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